Who we are

EGPAY is an Egyptian shareholding company, established to provide e-commerce and e-payment solutions in Egypt.

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E-Payment Solutions

We had developed a user-friendly mobile application where you can perform a wide range of services including but not limited to the following services with a single click

E-Commerce Solutions

The idea behind having e-commerce is to provide your customers with a 24/7 service and covering a vast range of areas & reaching out to your customers wherever they are other than having physical outlets.

Software Services

EGPAY provides its clients with a variety of web design services relying on its talented and well-experienced development team that can deliver on time and cost effective solutions.

About Us

EGPAY is an Egyptian shareholding company, established in 2017 to provide e-commerce and e-payment solutions.


Continuously exceed our customers' expectations


Provide our customers with secured, user-friendly and unforgettable experience in e-commerce & e-payment solutions, which will turn the cashless transactions to be their first choice. In addition, EGPAY will provide solutions to help developing business and individuals.

Payment Services

We believe time is crucial for all of us, as we hardly spare time for our basic life necessities and not ready to stand for hours waiting to pay bills, recharge our GSM, renew our subscriptions at various sites and even donate at any charity organization

How we work ?

The services are provided through multiple platforms using a highly secured in-house developed systems & mobile application that uses the latest technology. Customers will be able to purchase their needs from various types of shops & merchants using EGPAY solutions. In addition, they will be able to perform different payments such as utility bills, GSM top ups and other bill payment services. EGPAY also is offering an exceptional experience in e-commerce that serve end-users and merchants as well.

GSM & Landlines
EGPAY offers you the service of bill payment and mobile recharge for the GSM operators in Egypt in safe and easy way starting with the minimum amount of 2 L.E up to the highest credit required and you can easily verify the status with our 24/7 call center. In addition, payments of bills became hassle free and can be performed at any shop with EGPAY sign, EGPAY outlets or using our EGPAY mobile application
Water Companies
You can now inquire and pay your water bills for Alexandria Water Company at any of our outlets or via EGPAY mobile application.
Electricity Companies
Various electricity companies all over Egypt are covered through payment of old and current bills via linking our service in this point with tbe company.
Online Services
As part of our interest in providing exceptional services for our users, we made sure to include the commonly used online services and provide our users with an easy way of processing payments for many services including, Skype, eBay, iTunes, Google play, amazon, Facebook, …etc
Online Games
For the entertainment of our users, we had made it available, the subscription and renewal of many online games such as steam, conquer Egypt, Xbox, Zynga and Wolf Team …etc
Goo& Back service is also provided to our users where you can enjoy the tours
Cinema tickets
All you have to do is to go to elcinema.com, book your ticket and pay using your EGPAY mobile application or at the nearest shop with EGPAY sign
University tuition fees
You only need your student ID and approach any of EGPAY outlets or Kiosks with EGPAY sign to pay your tuition fees for six universities such as Cairo university, Ain Shams University, Mansoura University, Suez Canal University, South Valley University and Fayoum University.
EGPAY is keen to serve the community by facilitating the donation to different charity organizations including (Tahya Misr, Mir Elkheir, Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt, Egyptian house for zakat & Alms, Al-Orman Association and Relief & Emergency Foundation.
Airline tickets
Air tickets of the national operator (Egypt Air) can be easily booked using EGPAY mobile application or final payment to be completed at nearest shop with EGPAY sign. In addition, other airline tickets can be booked following the same way.
Become a merchant.

We are welcoming shop owners, any individual and business people having Commercial Registration & Tax Card would like to become an agent to provide the services of EGPAY to shops and individuals. All you have to do is to fill in the form and our 24/7 call center will get in touch with you.

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